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  • “David has a unique and refreshing approach to leadership development with an effective combination of high-level thinking, collaborative discussion and practical application. He is pragmatic in his approach and has excellent tools and resources for leading, coaching and mentoring others.”
    Dan O'Neill, Chief Process Officer, Commonwealth Bank

  • “After receiving positive referrals, we invited David to facilitate our annual Finance & IT Conference. David’s ability to engage and energise the entire 80 attendees over 2 days was exceptional. He created a great deal of fun, enthusiasm and value, which resulted in our best conference ever!” 
    David Moroney, CFO, CBH Group

  • "David provided an excellent program of events, and kept us entertained. He was genuinely very funny, and the various team building activities he organised on and off the bus managed to keep the laughs going for the entire trip - which is not always an easy task given that politicians can be an exceptionally tough audience."
    Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia

  • “You should be delighted to hear that your session scored an average of 4.83 out of 5. Awesome score – well done. Appreciate you making the difference for all involved David.”
    Simon Yeowart, Senior Conference Producer, The Eventful Group

  • “Your presentation has provided my team with the inspiration and tools to make real changes to personal and team performance that will have a lasting impact on our hotels. Thank you for your insight and thoroughly entertaining delivery style that kept the group focused and energised the whole time”
    Jeremy Cotterill, General Manager, Perth Ambassador Hotels

  • “David engaged all participants in an interactive session, enabling them to better prepare themselves for the unique challenges they face in a pressure environment. After a few long days, David’s close out session left everyone with a positive, ‘can do’ belief”.
    Lloyd Bailey AFSM, Deputy Commissioner Operations Command, Department of Fire & Emergency Services

  • “100% of the evaluations for your keynote rated you ‘excellent’ – unheard of!”
    Conference Organiser, TAFE Conference, Perth

  • "The best series of professional development I have been involved in. Really good."
    Peter Hall, Principal

  • "We had a team building program with David Koutsoukis that was a great day and it did miracles for the Division." 
    Robyn Donnelly, Human Resources Training Coordinator, GESB

  • “David is a very engaging presenter! This workshop helps you know yourself better, and Click! better with people in your lives, on a professional and personal level.”
    Juliana Ong, HR Director, Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore – 3 times winner Best Employer Singapore

  • "Thank you very much for your excellent keynote presentation - you were Faaantastic, 10 out of 10!. The positive energy (KEFI) you created permeated throughout the whole conference. Financial counsellors deal with the darker side in their working life and it was wonderful to see them realise that there is light which they can share with clients – well done"
    Charles Brown, CEO, Financial Counsellors' Association WA

  • “Your keynote was a great opener for the conference. Not only did it get everyone mingling and chatting to each other right at the start of the conference, it provided a great topic of conversation throughout the conference.”
    Jane Chilcott, Chief Executive Officer, Linkwest

  • “I have the privilege of attending a number of these events throughout the year and by far the best one I have ever attended was this year’s conference. I just wanted to say thank you for such a fabulous event!”
    Rebecca Chamberlain, HR Manager, CBH Group

  • "I was really impressed with the positive energy levels David was able to generate and sustain over the 2 day program. Everyone was genuinely excited to be there and this is an absolute testament to his service." 
    Ed Kalajzic, CFO, CBH Group

  • “Delegates absolutely loved him! Only 4 people gave him 4 out of 5... all 120 others gave him 5 out of 5 ‘Outstanding!’ “
    Conference Organiser, Tauranga, New Zealand

  • "Brilliant presentation. I have attended many related approaches to personality types in conference - this was by far the the most effective and inclusive".
    Conference Delegate, Mainstream Asset Managers Conference

  • “I just wanted to thank you for the presentation on Tuesday. Feedback from staff has been tremendous! One told me that every time she thought about it yesterday she smiled or laughed, another that it was the best PD she’d ever been to! The positive vibe here this morning is great and everyone seems busy with plans to implement some if the ideas in their classrooms as well as in the staffroom! Now we can explore ways to maintain this positive atmosphere and keep our KEFI happening!” 
    Bev Jones, Principal, Lancelin Primary School

  • "Best facilitator I've seen - great involvement with all the room."
    Conference Delegate, Mainstream Asset Managers Conference

  • "The feedback we received from conference delegates was extremely positive. Your presentation was engaging and entertaining and your advice highly valued. People indicated that they found your presentation fresh and inspiring, while practical at the same time. Your message was enthusiastically received by all members of the audience."
    Bradley Woods, CEO, Australian Hotels Association

  • "The program you delivered was very well received by our team and feedback indicated that it was well targeted, and the activities were useful and creative. We now have a better understanding on how to connect and improve relationships across the team." 
    Martine Forrester, Deputy General Counsel, HBOSA Legal

  • "We continue to get comments such as "very entertaining, yet educational", "is David Koutsoukis coming back next year?" Thanks for adding a superb motivational and "fun time" to our conference."
  • Dean Wallace M.D., PhD, President, Clinical Innovations, Utah, USA

  • "The hall of delegates was filled with laughs and jocularity, music and movement and all the while Dave spun his magic message." 
    Patricia Watson, Delegate, KRTC Conference

  • "I have been to many workshops in my working life but none has come close to this one. It was brilliantly presented, I was never bored, and I have come away feeling invigorated and inspired to tackle work at any level."
    Carol Bassett, ICC

  • "Very valuable, good fun and professional. Thank you for all the insights David, I thoroughly enjoyed your keynote."
    Diane Fenwick, Air New Zealand

  • "I had such a fantastic and wonderful time at our recent team building program. Thank you for your professionalism, fun, abundance of ideas and your ability to bring out the best in people. I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities."
    John Martelli, BankWest

  • "David, has brought a new and refreshing dimension to learning. He has a way of immersing participants so that a lot of learning takes place in a fun way"
    Ho Sook Wah, Managing Director, Petronas Management Training, Malaysia

  • "A huge thank you for your work in Flores (Indonesia). Your approach to presenting is so unusually effective, and your affection for people is so apparent, that you have an energising benefit to all with whom you come in contact."
    Elizabeth Dumont, CEO, Australian Institute for International Learning

  • "Thanks for your fantastic presentation to the Australian Association of career Counsellors - I loved it. It was exactly what I needed and I've come back to work re-energised and full of 'get up and go!'"
    Meredith Roe, Newman College

  • "Your session provided the perfect setting to develop team spirit and bonding. You developed a good rapport with the staff and this helped generate the results we were after."
    Justin Corrigan, Mitre 10

  • "I would not hesitate to recommend David's services to any organisation. This program was exactly what our team needed."
    Fiona Rankine, Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines

  • "I have paid hundreds of dollars for motivational courses and none have been as good as this!"
    Michelle Green, Joondalup Resort

  • "Thanks for the great team building program on Friday. Everyone in the team has been raving about the day and we all had the best time, it was heaps of fun!"
    Caroline Catchick, BankWest

  • "Your day with the Council and BHP Billiton crew was FANTASTIC! Thank you David, really uplifting. Everybody was so impressed with you and with themselves. A win-win outcome."
    Marg Mason, Nickel West/BHP Billiton

  • "The wonderful presentation at our annual conference was so entertaining and informative. It is great the way you make learning so much fun. Keep up the good work!"
    Linda Thogersen, Western Australian Centre for Rural and Remote Medicine

  • "I enjoyed the period for reflection and application on how could I use your strategies in MY work, which showed a transfer of learning/behaviour. Thank you."
    Melanie Cranko, Police Department, New Zealand

  • "Very good and entertaining. Good to be reminded of what we should be doing."
    Steve Etheridge, Competitive Foods (KFC)

  • "I usually take my time going to the loo during presentations - today I ran there and back!"
    Mel Hindley, Clarkson Community College

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was great to see the "whole" organization smiling and working together again. The program certainly served the purpose."
    Joan Smith, Training Co-ordinator, Central Queensland Regional Training Centre for Social and Emotional Well-being

  • "Brilliant, fun, learning without knowing you're learning!"
    Wendy Pelizzo, COGSO, Northern Territory

  • "Thank you for your outstanding facilitation and team building last week. We pollies don't often get the chance to have so much fun together and everyone is still talking about the trip. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the flow on benefits in terms of team spirit have been fantastic. Thanks again."
    Matt Birney, MLA

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the liveliness and creativity of the workshop. Absolutely wonderful ideas, which are mostly new to me personally. I will take so much away from this session today and it has really stirred my thinking box within myself."
    Eseta Pelo, Program Coordinator, DHL Express, New Zealand

  • "The convention committee are to be commended on their choice of MC. David was brilliant!"
    Carol Birch, WASSRA Convention, Perth, Western Australia

  • "I recently attended a conference in Auckland New Zealand, where David Koutsoukis was a keynote speaker. He was just amazing!!!"
    Sue Ashworth, Conference Convener, Christchurch, New Zealand

  • "Many thanks for the fantastic presentation at our breakfast meeting last Friday. It was a great start to the expo and certainly put everyone in a positive frame of mind to start the day."
    Steve Hanson, Presidents, Franchise Council of Australia

  • "You have an effective way of getting your message across with a good blend of fun, humour and serious information, in fact I believe the serious information sunk in more than it normally would due to the way it was presented by you, in a manner that didn't seem like an odious task to them."
    Phil Northern, Manager, Wesfarmers Landmark

  • "Exciting, different, positive, motivational, interactive, explosive, awesome!"
    Shirley Mitting, Delegate, KRTC Conference

  • “David, thank you for your inspiring, entertaining and energetic keynote presentation at our Hospitality Conference. The feedback we received from conference delegates was extremely positive and your presentation certainly motivated everyone in the room."
    Kara Jones, Senior Events Planner, Australian Hotels Association

  • "Your presentation was excellent, really refreshing and entertaining. An awesome way to start the conference!"
    Devlyn Coleman, WA Leadership Centre Conference

  • "Your professional, yet playful, approach ensured all participants thoroughly enjoyed your presentations and they learned a great deal from you also. As we did!"
    Sonja MacNaughton, Coordinator Corporate Affairs and International Projects, Fremantle Education Centre

  • "Fantastic, inspirational, loads of fun, just loved it! Thanks David!"
    Gill Colosi, Delegate, KRTC Conference

  • "David loves life and it's contagious - loads of fun!"
    ASSRI Conference Delegate

  • "Thank you David. Work mates - look out – it's infectious!"
    Rebecca Kerr, New Zealand Learning Convention

  • "Your contribution as a keynote speaker was exceedingly relevant and valuable as indicated by delegate feedback. We were thoroughly delighted with the way in which you met the outcomes of our conference brief"
    Barbara Watterston, CEO, Leadership Centre

  • "Wow! What can I say? Thanks for an excellent presentation. You willingness to share ideas and walk your talk was a pleasure to witness."
    Lindsay Adams, President, National Speakers Association of Australia

  • "As our conference facilitator David managed to introduce a fun element into two days of serious planning. His use of themes, props, music and activities helped to create an atmosphere for create thinking which was sustained right throughout the day an encouraged people to contribute actively to the planning process even in normally low energy periods."
    Karen Jamvold, Director, DET, Apprenticeships and Traineeships Directorate

  • "It was great to see my staff having so much fun together and getting some great information at the same time…I can see an improvement in their attitude towards each other and their work performance already."
    Simon Glossop, Super Valu Supermarkets

  • "This was so inspirational. Thanks very much!"
    Nicole Hobbs, Course Coordinator, "Training For You", New Zealand

  • "My staff continue to remark on the friendly and entertaining delivery of services. These remarks are testament to the quality of the training, and well after the delivery of the lessons, the outcomes learned and the practices adopted continue to be discussed to this day."
    Jeff Hodge, Managing Director, Central Disticts Gas and Air

  • "The most enjoyable workshop/training I have ever attended."
    Marilee Biddell, ATSIS, South Hedland

  • "The test of good professional development is how it is used once people return to everyday work. I am happy to report that staff have taken your input on board and plans are well underway to ensure that your message is carried on."
    Armando Giglia, Principal, Mirrabooka Senior High School

  • "Your material was well researched and relevant to the needs of local business. Participants indicated that the session was very useful for the development of their businesses."
    Kevin Mangini, Community Builders

  • "Absolutely brilliant! You managed, seemingly with ease, to achieve the big two for us - an enjoyable energetic experience combined with excellent content which was to the point and relevant."
    Paul Fleay, CEO, Inclusion WA

  • "Your dynamic delivery engaged the audience from the start and kept their interest throughout the presentation. The information was relevant and very inspirational, and your activities were innovative, well planned and enjoyable."
    Paul Wrensted, Hotel Manager, Ogdens Group

  • "Impressed that David was just as energetic at the end of the day as he was at the beginning."
    Bev Hyde, Mater Dei College

  • "Very entertaining and motivational. Something different. Training is often quite boring but this one was very enjoyable."
    Faye Angelev, Georgestan Homes

  • "The most enjoyable workshop I have ever been involved with."
    Doreen Turland, ATSIS

  • "David has the ability to make you feel good about yourself, and everyone around you with his enthusiasm and cheerful personality."
    Carol Birch, Western Australia State School Registrars Association

  • "Absolutely wonderful, excellent delivery, well prepared."
    Jo Delamere, Program Developer, New Zealand

  • "Very well done. The right mix of fun, information and activities. Very practical and useful."
    Emma Donnelly, Scitech

  • "The sessions were well run and I really feel we achieved the outcomes we were after. We weren't bombarded with too much theory and the days weren't too touchy-feely."
    Peter Rogers, Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines

  • "Without doubt one of the most outstanding presenters we have ever worked with"
    John Mistilis, Principal, Department of Education and Training



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