Assessment SS-3


Single User - Overview Version - 28 Questions

An overview of how well your team is performing to it's potential - as perceived by an individual.



Exceptional Teams have high performing people who produce excellent results. After more than 20 years spent exploring the art and science of leading teams as a manager, researcher, speaker and consultant, I’ve determined that there are Seven Signs of an Exceptional Team. These Seven Signs serve as a powerful framework to help leaders and their teams track and improve their performance and results. Take the Team Potential Overview Assessment and discover how to make your team exceptional! Best regards, David Koutsoukis.

There are 28 questions in this assessment, 4 for each of the 7 Signs of an Exceptional Team. On completion you will get a graphic report on your team's strengths, areas for growth and guidance on how to improve. This assessment also includes a Team Potential Map. This is a visual representation of your results that uses the polar graph format to illustrate your team’s current performance vs it’s potential.


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