7 Principles That Ensure Our Programs Have Impact





Our programs and resources are engaging and effective because we use a scientific approach in their design and delivery. We use multiple intelligence methodology and neuroscience techniques to ensure desired learning outcomes are met, and have logical systems and processes to track and measure the learning journey.
Relevant and Useful

One of the key questions an astute learner asks themsleves during any learning process is 'What am I doing this?'. We are very strategic in our approach to ensure that what we teach is relevant and useful for the learner. We encourage self-reflection and real-life application to ensure that the information we teach has a tangible benefit for participant.   

Simple and Easy to Understand
We believe in the philosophies of 'keep-it-simple' and 'less in more'. We have distilled the information in our programs down to the essence of what needs to be learned so that people 'get it' and remember it. Our resources have been designed to be 'plug-and-play', that is, you can just pick them up and use them right away.
Logical and Sequential

Learning occurs best when people are crystal clear about the context of the learning in relation to what they already know. The Exceptional Teams Curriculum provides a logical and sequential pathway that allows the learner to recognise why they are learning the information; how it relates to what they already know; and what they still need to learn.

Engaging and Fun

There is both scientific and anecdotal evidence to indicate that people learn best if they are engaged in the learning process and enjoy the experience. We use multiple intelligence methodology and accelerated learning techniques to ensure that our programs and resources are engaging and fun!

Memorable and Repeatable

We use clear messaging and neuroscience techniques to ensure that our key concepts and messages are 'sticky'. Participants are able to remember and apply key concepts easily, and importantly are able to repeat and teach them to others.

Evidence Based

Our programs and resources have been developed from more than 30 years of experience, study and research. We regularly reference empirical evidence when introducing concepts, strategies and tactics so you can be confident they actually work.

Impact is Measureable
An astute manager wants to know the return-on-investment on their learning and development programs. We have a comprensive suite of assessments that enables us to measure capability shifts in behaviour and performance with pre and post program testing.