Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker who will shift mindsets and give your audience a LIFT?



7 UpLIFTing Keynote Presentations  
45-90 mins

David Koutsoukis delivers practical, fun and inspiring conference presentations that represent the 'key-note' message for each of the 7 Signs of an Exceptional TeamKey messages are carefully crafted and supported by a range of resources so they stay in the hearts and minds of delegates long after the event.





























From Mediocre Manager to Likeable Leader!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of engaging leaders that every manager needs to know.


Would you like to improve your ability to influence others? Would you like to be able to sell your ideas more easily? Would you like to know how to get your people excited about about achieving your team’s goals and objectives?


This entertaining presentation combines ancient philosophy with modern neuroscience to deliver a powerful formula for engaging leadership. Discover tools, tips and tactics to boost your influence and help you shift from mediocre manager to likable leader.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Boost perceived competence by demonstrating intelligence, capability and authority.
  • Boost perceived trustworthiness by demonstrating professionalism, honesty and reliability.
  • Boost likeability by demonstrating humility, empathy and people skills.
  • Boost their ability to inspire others through passion, encouragement and by creating excitement.
5 Stars
“David has a unique and refreshing approach to leadership development with an effective combination of high-level thinking and practical application.”
Dan O'Neill, Chief Process Officer, Commonwealth Bank 




























From Confusion to Clarity!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of a crystal clear strategy that every manager needs to know.

Would you like to be able to get your people on board to where you want them to go? Would you like a simple way to answer the 3 strategic questions of ‘Who are we?’ ‘Where are we going?’ ‘How will we get there?’ Would you be interested in a one-page strategic planning template that was simple-to-use and easy-to-understand?


This practical presentation outlines a ‘road trip’ metaphor to help you understand the strategic planning process, and delivers a simple framework to help you create and communicate a crystal clear strategy that will shift your team from confusion to clarity.

Attendees will learn how to:


  • Keep a team strategy simple - so it’s easy to create, communicate and understand.
  • Keep a team strategy clear - so that team goals and expectations are totally obvious.
  • Keep people focussed - so everyone is concentrating on doing the right activities.
  • Keep your people aligned - so that everyone is working towards the same goals and objectives.
5 Stars

 “David’s ability to engage and energise the entire audience was exceptional. He created a great deal of fun, enthusiasm and value, which resulted in our best conference ever!”

David Moroney, CFO, CBH Group


















From Tired and Stressed
to Full of Zest!


Discover the 4 simple secrets of personal productivity that every team needs to know.


Would you like to work in a team with positive, productive people? Do you like working with proactive people with a can-do attitude? Would you like some techniques to trigger positive thinking and snap out of bad moods quickly?


This fun presentation combines engaging Greek culture with modern psychology to deliver a powerful formula for developing positive, productive people. Discover tools, tips and tactics to help you Find Your Kefi (your zest for life) and shift your people from tired and stressed to full of zest!


Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create and maintain reserves of physical and mental energy.
  • Reduce stress by using time, energy and resources with more efficiency.
  • Develop meaningful goals that create personal drive, energy and aspiration.
  • Develop positivity, resiliency and optimism.
This presentation can also be delivered in a slightly different context as:















Find Your Kefi

Discover a simple, yet powerful formula to find and keep your zest for life


KEFI is a Greek word that means ‘zest for life’ and people who are engaged in life and work have plenty of it. They are positive, productive and proactive people with an optimistic outlook and a can-do attitude. People who are unhappy, negative or disengaged have ‘lost their KEFI’ and sap the energy of those around them. Individuals want KEFI, managers want KEFI and teams need KEFI.


In this fascinating and fun presentation attendees will learn:


  • The critical importance of KEFI for individual, team and organisational success

  • How to Find Your KEFI every day and sustain it

  • How to snap out of bad moods and Find Your KEFI quickly

  • How to become a KEFI Creator and help others find their KEFI

  • How to build a KEFI Culture where positive people energize each other


Enjoy a KEFI KICK with this fascinating, fun and high-energy presentation that will help you find your KEFI, keep your KEFI and share your KEFI with others.

5 Stars
“You were Faaantastic, 10 out of 10! The positive energy you created permeated throughout the whole conference.” 
Charles Brown, CEO, Financial Counsellors' Association














From Clash to Click!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of quality team relationships that every team needs to know.


Do you prefer working in a team where people get along well with each other? Would you like to know how to build better relationships with people not like you? Would you like to know why you click with some people and others drive you crazy!?


This fun and interactive presentation delivers a simple process to help you identify different work styles quickly and shows you how bring out the best from different types of people. Discover a suite of practical tools, tips and tactics to improve communication, boost relationships and shift your team from clash to click!


Attendee will learn how to:

  • Develop respect and value people who are different to them.
  • Improve self-awareness about their own behaviour and how it impacts others.
  • Develop empathy so they can understand why others might think, feel and act the way they do.
  • Improve communication skills to be able to interact effectively with different types of people.
5 Stars
 “Your presentation was big hit and gave my team the inspiration and tools to make real changes that will have a lasting impact on our hotels.”

Jeremy Cotterill, General Manager, Perth Ambassador Hotel















From Agitated to Motivated!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of employee engagement that every team needs to know.

Would you like to work in a team where people show pride in their work? Would you like to know how to use pre-determined goals and tactical milestones to improve employee engagement? Are you interested in knowing how to use reward and recognition effectively to boost morale and motivation.


This engaging presentation combines the ‘game of work’ metaphor with cutting-edge research to deliver a powerful formula for employee engagement. Discover a suite of practical tools, tips and tactics that will help you shift your employees from agitated to motivated!

Attendees will learn how to:


  • Encourage employees to show pride in their work and use discretionary effort to get the job done.
  • Empower employees to take responsibility and show initiative.
  • Create an environment that enables people to get enjoyment from their work.
  • Develop processes and practices to help people feel they are making progress.
This presentation can also be delivered with a focus on fun at work:













The Fun Philosophy

Discover a simple, yet powerful formula to boost morale, reduce stress and build team spirit.


More gets done when work is fun!


With the pressures of modern business, and sometimes frustrating accountability and bureaucracy, many workplaces have become bastions of seriousness. This can lead to high stress, low morale and poor productivity. Research shows that fun at work can significantly reduce stress and improve performance - and this is why fun is serious business! This fun-filled presentation will reveal a simple formula that will help you have more fun at work and deliver a smorgasbord of ideas to help you apply it.


Attendees will learn:


  • How to encourage a sense of humour appropriate for a work context

  • Where to find ideas, props and gadgets for enabling fun at work easily

  • Quick and simple ways to share humour and have fun with colleagues

  • How keep the fun friendly so that everyone stays happy

  • How to get your whole team participating in regular fun activities


Discover the Five Fingers of the Fun Philosophy and learn how to boost morale, reduce stress and build team spirit in your workplace.

5 Stars

"Feedback from conference delegates was extremely positive and indicated that your keynote presentationwas fresh and inspiring, while practical at the same time."

Bradley Woods, CEO, Australian Hotels Association















From Chaos to Cohesion!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of excellent teamwork that every team needs to know.

Would you like your people to work together as ‘One Team?’ Would you be interested in tips for developing a strong team identity and makes your people think, feel and act like a team? Would you like to know how to promote trust and mutual respect, and how to develop a collective commitment towards team goals and objectives?


This dynamic presentation combines a ‘musketeer metaphor’ with modern research to give you a powerful formula for excellent teamwork. Discover a suite of tools, tips and tactics that will get your people saying ‘All for one and one for all’ and help you develop a more committed, connected and cohesive team.


Attendees will learn how to:

  • Improve connection and loyalty by developing a strong team identity.
  • Get everyone heading in the right direction towards achieving team goals.
  • Boost productivity and performance with improved communication.
  • Boost relationships, morale and efficiency by building trust.
5 Stars

"We continue to get comments such as "very entertaining, yet educational", "is David Koutsoukis coming back next year?" Thanks for adding a superb motivational and "fun time" to our conference."

Dean Wallace MD.PhD. President, Clinical Innovations, Utah, USA















From Floundering to Flying!

Discover the 4 simple secrets of an uplifting culture that every team needs to know.

Would you like to work in a team where people LIFT each other with their thoughts, words and actions? Would you like a work in a place where you can actually feel the positive energy? Would you like to work in a team where people told their family and friends how good it was to work there?


This uplifting presentation combines a ‘flying fish’ metaphor with contemporary best-practice to deliver a powerful formula for building an uplifting team culture. Discover a suite of tools, tips and tactics to help you develop your own LIFT Culture and shift your team from floundering to flying!

You will learn how to encourage team members to:


  • LIFT their thoughts with positive thinking.
  • LIFT their words with positive language.
  • LIFT their standards with high expectations about behaviour and results.
  • LIFT their impact though positive action that makes them a good role model for others in the team.


5 Stars

"David's exuberance, innovative approach and engaging manner with which he connects to the audience are exemplary - a truly sensational learning experience!"

Julie Egonidis, National Congress Executive, CPA Australia