Are you looking for a fun team building program that will lift your team performance by getting people to learn, laugh and discover how to work better as a team?
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Create your customised program with 3 simple steps

          1. Select your team building activities

          2. Select your team development topics

          3. Select your venue


 7 Fun Team Building Activity Options




Interaction Action

Highly interactive, fun activities to build teams and enhance teamwork.

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5 Stars

"Thank you for your outstanding team building last week. We pollies don't often get the chance to have so much fun together and everyone is still talking about the trip. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the flow on benefits in terms of team spirit have been fantastic."

Colin Barnett, Premier, Western Australia


Problem Solving

Practical challenges designed to stimulate thinking and highlight team dynamics.

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5 Stars
"Thanks for the great team building program on Friday. Everyone has been raving about the day and we all had the best time!"

Caroline Catchick, BankWest


Mini Olympics

Teams compete against each other in a variety of fun events for the coveted 'Company Cup.'

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5 Stars

 "I would not hesitate to recommend David's services to any organisation. This program was exactly what our team needed."

Fiona Rankine, HR Manager, Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines

 Team Challenges

Teams are given a task that will test their problem solving skills. They race other teams to complete it which creates extra pressure and simlates the pressure of a workplace environment. 

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5 Stars

"David, I can't thank you enough for your energy, ever pleasing attitude, willingness and fabulous talents.You kept the WNR people entertained and busy for hours and hours."

Jodie Mori, Executive Assistant to General Manager, Brookfield Rail


The Nerds Revenge

For smart people only! Teams have to channel their 'inner nerd' to solve a selection of brain teasers, conundrums and manipulative puzzles to win the Nerds Revenge! 

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5 Stars

"I had such a fantastic and wonderful time in York for our team building program. Thank you for your professionalism, fun, abundance of ideas and your ability to bring out the best in people. I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities."

John Martelli, BankWest


Team Check In

Faciltated session to 'check-in' regarding team progress and performance. Opportunity to do a 'team health check', address issues or brainstorm ideas.

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5 Stars

"Our teams now feel more energised and determined to make a difference. You provided my team with the inspiration and tools to make real changes to personal and team performance that will have a lasting impact on our hotels. Thank you for your insight and thoroughly entertaining delivery style that kept the group focused and energised throughout the day."

Jeremy Cotterill, General Manager, Ambassador Hotels


Amazing Race at Rotto

Based on the TV show - basically a car rally/treasure hunt on a bicycle. Emphasis is on teamwork and strategy - not fitness!

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5 Stars

 "I was really impressed with the positive energy levels David was able to generate and sustain over the 2 day program. Everyone was genuinely excited to be there and this is an absolute testament to his service." 

Ed Kalajzic, CFO, CBH Group

7 Team Development Topic Options
More Information
Motivational Presentations      Training Workshops
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Venue Options
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The Exceptional Teams Academy is based in Perth, Western Australia but we conduct team building programs throughout Australia, South East Asia, the Pacific region and the USA. 

Venue selection depends upon desired outcomes and budget and ranges from in-house training rooms through to 5 star resorts. 

Perth Based Companies
View a selection of venues here.

Companies Outside Perth
Contact us and we can suggest a venue near your location. 
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