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7 High-Impact Training Workshops
Half day or Full Day
David Koutsoukis delivers dynamic and engaging training workshops that demonstrate how to implement each of the 7 Signs of an Exceptional TeamEach workshop follows a logical step-by-step process and all programs are supported by tools and templates, learning resources and diagnostic assessments.

















Better Leadership Workshop

7 simple steps to become a more engaging leader


Exceptional Teams have engaging leaders who are able to connect with their people and influence, manage and motivate them towards achieving team goals and objectives. As the old Greek saying goes, ‘A fish rots from the head first’, and this is also the case with teams. An Exceptional Team ‘thrives from the head first’ with engaging leaders who are capable, trustworthy, likable and inspiring.

Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Improve your body language and appearance to influence others.

  • Enhance your communication skills and boost your ability to ‘sell’ your ideas.

  • Build quality relationships more easily.

  • Share an inspiring vision.

  • Empower others to take responsibility and show initiative.

  • Challenge others to think better, be better and do better.

  • Be a better role model by knowing what do do, and what not to do as a leader.

5 Stars

"David has brought a new and refreshing dimension to learning."

Ho Sook Wah, Managing Director, Petronas Management Training, Malaysia














Better Strategy Workshop

7 simple steps to create a crystal clear team strategy


Exceptional Teams have a crystal clear strategy that ensures everyone is clear about where their team is headed; behavioural and performance expectations; how employee and team results will be measured, and how they will give and get feedback on performance. Exceptional Teams over-communicate their strategy so everyone is crystal clear about their roles, goals and expectations.


Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Utilise a simple strategic planning framework that will focus and align your team.

  • Create clear goals and benchmarks.

  • Set clear expectations of behaviour.

  • Set clear expectations of results.

  • Develop a clear and simple feedback and accountability system.

  • Over-communicate your strategic plan

  • Get your people emotionally connected to your strategy. 

5 Stars

"Your approach to presenting is so unusually effective and you have an energising benefit to all with whom you come in contact."

Elizabeth Dumont, CEO, Australian Institute for International Learning















Better Productivity Workshop

7 simple steps to boost personal productivity


Exceptional Teams have positive productive people who don’t rely on extrinsic rewards or micro-management to do their job. They have a sense of urgency and a ‘can-do’ attitude that sees them focussing on solutions rather than problems. Positive productive people have great reserves of physical and mental energy, high aspirations and optimism. They bring positive energy to a team environment. 


Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Boost productivity by understanding why you think, feel and act the way you do.

  • Improve your ability to gain and retain wisdom and knowledge

  • Increase your physical and mental energy while reducing stress.

  • Develop self-discipline and willpower.

  • Build enriching relationships that enhance productivity.

  • Set and get personal goals.

  • Create and maintain a positive attitude.  

5 Stars

"I have been to many workshops in my working life but none has come close to this one. It was brilliantly presented, I was never bored, and I have come away feeling invigorated and inspired to tackle work at any level."

Carol Bassett, Workshop Participant, ICC














Better Relationships


7 simple steps to build better team relationships


Exceptional Teams have quality relationships where people get along well and communicate effectively with each other. They work at developing their interpersonal skills and are proactive about building positive relationships. ‘Great relationships’ are incorporated into team values, and people are encouraged and enabled to develop respect, awareness, empathy and their communication skills.


Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Develop ‘quality relationships’ as a team value.

  • Develop self-awareness to understand your own thoughts and feelings.

  • Develop empathy to understand the thoughts, feelings and of actions others.

  • Communicate more effectively with different types of people.

  • Harness the power of diversity in a team.

  • Improve team collegiality with simple regular interactions.

  • Build a safe environment with mutual trust and respect.   

5 Stars

"I usually take my time going to the loo during presentations - today I ran there and back!"

Mel Hindley, Workshop Participant














Better Engagement


7 simple steps to boost employee engagement


Exceptional Teams are full of highly engaged employees who love their job. They find their work stimulating and a challenge that enables them to make progress towards pre-determined goal and feel confident in their ability to achieve them. People recognise that what they do makes a positive difference and they feel acknowledged for their contribution to team success.


Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Show your people the company cares about them

  • Make people feel important, known and valued.

  • Improve pride and effort by connecting employees to a higher purpose. 

  • Empower your people to take responsibility and show initiative.

  • Enable employees to develop mastery at what they do.

  • Give clear and regular feedback about performance and results.

  • Give employees the chance to have some fun.

5 Stars

"Absolutely brilliant! You managed, seemingly with ease, to achieve the big two - an enjoyable experience combined with excellent content which was to the point and relevant."

Paul Fleay, CEO, Inclusion WA














Better Teamwork Workshop

7 simple steps to get your people working together as a team


People in Exceptional Teams are efficient, effective and demonstrate Excellent Teamwork. There is a strong sense of community and uniqueness that makes people feel they belong to a special ‘tribe’. Exceptional Teams engender a sense of belonging, trust and mutual respect and a collective commitment to team goals.


Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Develop team identity and get people excited about being part of the team.

  • Enhance team communication and build trust.

  • Create a clear and inspiring strategy that everyone is connected to.

  • Set clear expectations about behaviour and performance.

  • Make people accountable to behaviour and performance expectations.

  • Encourage people to speak with candour and challenge the status quo.

  • Develop effective processes and ensure that people to follow them.

5 Stars

"Without doubt one of the most outstanding presenters we have ever worked with."

John Mistilis, Principal, Department of Education














Better Culture Workshop

7 simple steps to create an uplifting team culture


Exceptional Teams have an uplifting culture where people ‘Lift’ those around them with their thoughts, words and actions. They do this with positive mindsets, positive language, high expectations and positive action. You can feel the positive energy in a team with a ‘Lift Culture’ - and it’s this feeling that attracts and retains great people and enables excellent results.

Enjoy this practical and engaging workshop where you will learn how to:


  • Build a strong sense of community and ‘one team’.

  • Create an uplifting physical environment.

  • Identify, develop and use team symbols, rituals and traditions.

  • Develop a team culture code.

  • Create ‘sticky messages’ that clearly communicate team expectations.

  • Recognise team members who ‘Lift’ others.

  • Educate or replace people who don’t meet team expectations.

5 Stars

“Thanks for your great workshop. I can see an improvement in staff attitudes towards each other and their work performance already."

Simon Glossop, Manager, Super Valu Supermarkets