Our mission is to lift the spirits and wisdom of people and teams to establish Lift Cultures - and help make the world a more positive and productive place for more people.




People who Lift the spirits, actions and achievements of those around them.








People who drag down the spirits, actions and achievement of those around them.






Lift Culture
A group of Lifters who encourage and support each other to achieve success.
Lifters respond to draggers by helping them Lift - not by putting them down.


 We show teams how to build Lift Cultures
Our logo illustrates how we do it.





The Exceptional Teams Academy is a learning hub for the development of high performing teams. Our programs, products and resources are engaging and effective because we use a scientific approach in their design and delivery using our 7 learning principles as a guide.

 We Empower Teams to Lift Performance through 7 team development solutions that give leaders and teams the knowledge, skills, tools and inspiration they need to become exceptional.

The Team Circle Icon represents the 7 key focus areas we help teams develop. We call these the 7 Signs of an Exceptional Team.

The red line represents the baseline of satisfactory behaviour and performance in teams. We use diagnostic tools to show people and teams where they sit in relation to the line, and empower them lift their performance ‘above the line’ and beyond.