7 Signs of an Exceptional Team
Your Blueprint for Team Success

The 7 Signs of an Exceptional Team have been strategically developed as a framework to help organisations identify and address team development needs. 


    Exceptional Teams have engaging leaders who are able to connect with their people and influence, manage and motivate them towards achieving team goals and objectives. As the old Greek saying goes, ‘A fish rots from the head first’, and this is also the case with teams. An Exceptional Team ‘thrives from the head first’ with engaging leaders who are capable, trustworthy, likable and inspiring. 


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Exceptional Teams have a crystal clear strategy that ensures everyone is clear about where their team is headed; behavioural and performance expectations; how employee and team results will be measured, and how they will give and get feedback on performance. Exceptional Teams over-communicate their strategy so everyone is crystal clear about their roles, goals and expectations. 


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  Exceptional Teams have positive productive people who don’t rely on extrinsic rewards or micro-management to do their job. They have a sense of urgency and a ‘can-do’ attitude that sees them focussing on solutions rather than problems. Positive productive people have great reserves of physical and mental energy, high aspirations and optimism. They bring positive energy to a team environment. 


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 Exceptional Teams have quality relationships where people get along well and communicate effectively with each other. They work at developing their interpersonal skills and are proactive about building positive relationships. ‘Great relationships’ are incorporated into team values, and people are encouraged and enabled to develop respect, awareness, empathy and their communication skills. 


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Exceptional Teams are full of highly engaged employees who love their job. They find their work stimulating and a challenge that enables them to make progress towards pre-determined goal and feel confident in their ability to achieve them. People recognise that what they do makes a positive difference and they feel acknowledged for their contribution to team success. 


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People in Exceptional Teams are efficient, effective and demonstrate Excellent Teamwork. There is a strong sense of community and uniqueness that makes people feel they belong to a special ‘tribe’. Exceptional Teams engender a sense of belonging, trust and mutual respect and a collective commitment to team goals. 


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Exceptional Teams have an uplifting culture where people ‘Lift’ those around them with their thoughts, words and actions. They do this with positive mindsets, positive language, high expectations and positive action. You can feel the positive energy in a team with a ‘Lift Culture’ - and it’s this feeling that attracts and retains great people and enables excellent results. 


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